Next Door Pass – Cuddle Puddle

We’re gonna have the first next door pass foursome today. You are going to see these cute college students in action, blowing and fucking one another. The best thing about these college guys is that they are always horny so they are always in the mood for fucking. But let’s face it they all look so good and that’s always help. This was taken during their spring break and everyone knows that spring break is the craziest time of the year, the wildest parties, and nastiest stuff happen in this time. These four decided to have a little party of their own and blew the rest of their friends and booked a place just for them. All they needed was a bed and once they were all there the actual fun could begun.

Needless to say that they didn’t leave the room for the entire week but they sure had a lot of fun, way more fun that the rest of their friends. The college jocks spend the entire day in the sack, sucking and riding one another’s dick while recording everything for you guys. These guys really didn’t hold back and everyone has their own little thing. One loves blowing dicks, one loves eating ass, one likes smashing asses so they are the perfect match if you want to get it all in the same time. Make sure you check out this entirely, you can thank us later. Enjoy it and don’t forget to return for tomorrow’s update!


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