Next Door Pass – Fully Charged

Next door pass brought us another one but this time everything took place in the car service. After finishing a good job the mechanic got a really special thanks right up his ass. This guy got stuck in the middle of the road with an engine problem, calling AAA didn’t help so he found someone to pull him until the closest car service. The guys these moved as fast as they could to fix his problem and while they were busy resolving his problem, our guy was busy checking out one of the mechanics. You wouldn’t expected to see such a young guy around the shop, but yet there he was trying to help out his older co workers. The young mechanic was right his type so it wouldn’t hurt to test him out.

As you could probably tell this guy wasn’t that much into mechanics but he was good at math so he was left with the client to resolve the financial part. While he was working the horny driver started flirting with him to see where he stands. The rookie mechanic didn’t mind it at all and even pushed things a bit further. Well the driver didn’t have time to play around with him so without too many words he grabbed his dick and soon after that his pants were off and both off them were butt naked banging against his car. See them in action below!


Take a look at these jocks hammering their asses!