The Wait Is Over

Hey guys and welcome back for another update! The wait is finally over at least for these two next door pass hunks. The black jocks were all over each other and now they finally got to hammer their asses. These two met at the gym a few weeks ago and they kept going back and forth without anything actually happening for them. There were way to many guys at the gym and no one really wanted to see two guys fucking in the locker room. Both horny, but shy, they waited a bit longer that they should’ve. No one actually expected them to be this shy so it was a big surprise for all of us, but luckily now they got their plan in motion.

This week after gym they decided to go out for a drink or two and that really turned things on for them. They finally had the gut to do something and soon after the beers kicked in the guys went straight home. They didn’t even make it to the bedroom, instead they stopped in the hallway, butt naked, and started nailing their fine asses. The wait is over and it was a damn long one too! But in this one they made up for all the lost time and you can see that for yourself in the gallery below. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more steamy guy on guy sex scenes!


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Next Door Pass – Home Wrecker

In this Next Door Pass update we have this horny home wrecker getting fucked by his boss. This guys loves messing around with guys that are in a relationship and most of the time he gets what he wants and there’s where he got his nickname as the home wrecker. Well, the home wrecker has returned with his latest victim. This guy thought that he was hiring a guy to clean his pool not the guy that was going to cause so much trouble. The home wrecker waited until he made his move, first he had to see what’s going on in his life and who’s he dating. The guy was actually seeing someone and after seeing him he knew that he wasn’t going to have any problems convincing him to cheat. The guy didn’t seem too into this guy anyway so he was actually doing him a favor.

The guy was already drooling over him, without him making any moves. The first time they were home alone, the wrecker got to work. He followed him to the bedroom where without too many words he ended up on his knees with his dick in his mouth. No one can resist his charms and below you can see the proof. The home wrecker made sure that he messed another relationship and he did an amazing job at it. You can watch the home wrecker in action in the nextdoorpass gallery below! Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more horny hunks in steamy action!


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Taking Every Inch

Next door pass has returned with more gay scenes! No one ever thought that this guy had what it takes to get the deal done and for a straight guy, he doesn’t seem to mind that much having a fat dick up his ass. And he took every inch of it. This guy learned the hard way that if you want to be a bad boy you have to take everything that comes with it. Having such a big mouth, it was a matter of time until he pissed someone off and got it shut. The cute guy upset one of the older guys from his hood and he decided to teach him a lesson. Everybody knew how he took care of the guys that upset him, but this the first time that he’s had a straight guy.

That big mouth of his didn’t help him in there except for screaming and that only made it worst for him. This should teach him a lesson that he won’t forget too soon and he should be happy that there’s only one guy fucking him and not all the guys he talked trash too. Below you can see him taking his first dick up his tight little ass. Butt naked, legs spread and getting fucked by another dude, this surely isn’t how he imagined his day going. You can check it out entirely in the nextdoorpass gallery below. Enjoy it and see you next time with more!


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Next Door Pass – Hard Muscles

Hey guys and welcome back! Remember when we told you guys about escorts a while ago, well in today’s next door pass scene we got another one for you guys. The hot black guy got his hands on a new guy that didn’t mind to spend some extra cash to get his butt banged. These guys usually call him for this, but this dude really used him as an escort; he needed a guy to take at this party that he was invited and he showed up and did his job. But after the party was over he ended up where he always does in a hotel room pounding asses. No surprise there right? We gotta give it to him, the guy looks really good and no one is complaining about him, so he must know what he’s doing over there.

The black ripped hunk was actually curious to try out his date of the night, he didn’t impress him at first but once those clothes came off things got more interesting for him. He didn’t show it at first but for a white guy was doing pretty good. Don’t get us wrong this didn’t change how things went between them, he was paid to please and that’s what he did. The hunk took care of his tight little white ass and shoved his dick deeper and deeper. It was wild like every one of the nextdoorpass updates! You gotta check it out to get all the dirty!


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Straight Watchers

Next door pass brought us a straight guy this time. But don’t feel sorry for him because he knew in what he was getting into and it seems like he really enjoys getting his virgin ass pounded. The poor guy ended up in the wrong house at the worst time. The guy was there to talk with one of the guys about a house he had for rent. Well he caught the guy in the worst situation. He definitely bothered him, but he wasn’t expecting to see another guy coming down the stairs. The guy went over to try and get the place a bit cheaper than it was listed in the ad. The straight guy didn’t had any idea in what he was getting into. The owner invited him in talk about it and offered him a pretty good deal, well it was a good deal for a gay guy, for a straight one not to much.

The owner was willing to cut off the price if he got in a threesome with them. Like we said good deal for gay not so good for straight. When the guys heard that he’s not intro dudes he made the deal even more tempting and offered him three months of rent free. Well, he couldn’t turn that down so here you have it, the cute straight in the middle doing his best at blowing and taking dicks up his tight virgin ass in the same time. It was a really nice one and you guys must check it out!


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Next Door Pass – Gay Together

Isn’t it nice when you end up sharing the same roof with the guy that has the same interests as you? These guys from next door pass have a lot of fun around the house and that involves, of course, lots and lots of ass fucking and cock sucking. These two didn’t know each other but somehow they made things work out for them. They were both looking for a place to stay and with the help of their real estate agent they met and rented a place together. it was obvious that both of them are into dudes after all the guys hanging around the house. After almost a week there were only guys spending their nights at their place, so why not be gay together? It was obvious was going on and it was time that the guys did something about it.


They had everything working for them and one night after way too many drinks they finally sealed the deal. The two jocks went to the bedroom after all the clothes were out of their way they began blowing one another’s dick and wanking off. But taking their dicks up their fine asses was what all of us waited for, not that the rest isn’t fun. Below you got a little preview of their encounter and as you can see the guys got to bang their asses as well. Enjoy it this latest gay nextdoorpass update and we’ll see you next time with more hunks in action!

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Roman Todd & Michael Del Rey

Roman Todd and Michael Del Rey from next door pass are back. You must remember Roman and Michael from their older scenes and if your need a refreshment they always give us some really action. Just imagine these two stuffing their asses and you having the best place to see it all. The good news is that if you missed out their older updates you have their latest one here to check out and we’re sure that the guys won’t let you down. Hot hunks, Roman and Michael start the scene slower, just teasing us while stripping and playing with their fat dicks in the bed. Jerking off one another’s dick was next and the guys took all the time they needed until they were rock hard and ready for some riding.

Roman was the first to take Michael for a rough ride and he didn’t have any mercy on his ass, that’s for sure. We told you that these two are going to blow your mind because they are masters at it. Seeing them fuck their fine asses is something you can watch all day long without getting bored. This is why they have so many scenes around here and why we are so excited to have them back. These jocks know how to keep things interesting and if you are going to check them out you are going to understand why. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more nextdoorpass updates!


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Next Door Pass – Fully Charged

Next door pass brought us another one but this time everything took place in the car service. After finishing a good job the mechanic got a really special thanks right up his ass. This guy got stuck in the middle of the road with an engine problem, calling AAA didn’t help so he found someone to pull him until the closest car service. The guys these moved as fast as they could to fix his problem and while they were busy resolving his problem, our guy was busy checking out one of the mechanics. You wouldn’t expected to see such a young guy around the shop, but yet there he was trying to help out his older co workers. The young mechanic was right his type so it wouldn’t hurt to test him out.

As you could probably tell this guy wasn’t that much into mechanics but he was good at math so he was left with the client to resolve the financial part. While he was working the horny driver started flirting with him to see where he stands. The rookie mechanic didn’t mind it at all and even pushed things a bit further. Well the driver didn’t have time to play around with him so without too many words he grabbed his dick and soon after that his pants were off and both off them were butt naked banging against his car. See them in action below!


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Raunchy Rendezvous

Next door pass did it again! Two more hot hunks having a private rendezvous and finished the best way possible with a raunchy ass fuck. These two have been on and off for a while and last night was one of those nights when they were back on track. Well, all they did lately were late night booty calls but we’re happy that one of those encounters ended up in our hands. If only all rendezvous where just like this one. The best part of it is that both of them know what to expect, no one was going to bump uglies. The two jocks took it straight to the bedroom where all the action was begun. The clothes were on the floor and the two hunks were all over one another in the bed.

Like we said things got hot and they got there really fast and you get a little preview below but there’s more. Jerking off one another’s dick, sucking them off and then getting them shoved deep up their asses. These jocks don’t mess around and they are here to show us a good time. If you want to see everything that went between them make sure you take a look at the entire nextdoorpass scene that we have prepared for you guys. This was all for today but make sure you guys return tomorrow for more horny hunks in action in some of the hottest gay sex scenes!


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Next Door Pass – Fucking Massage

In this latest next door pass, we got a really interesting massage session. This session, of course, involves a really horny masseur banging his cute client on the massage table, but let us tell how these two got there. The horny masseur had his own way of dealing with the clients that he liked and today we are going to see just how he works around cute guys. Today he had a new client on his list and he was really excited to see how this guy looks and if he’s gonna get his with him. The guy that he had to massage lived pretty far from his house but he worth the ride there. About the same age, tall, athletic just how he likes them. Now he had to find out if he’s into dudes and his job helped him with that. It’s a really good job to have!

He asked him to undress while he set up his table for the massage. Once he saw him almost butt naked, with just a tiny towel around his waist he knew that somehow he’s gonna get him one way or another. Actually, it was easier than he would’ve expected because the guy made the first move while he was massaging him. He was already naked so getting his hands on his dick was the easiest part. You gotta check out the entire nextdoorpass gallery to see these two fucking on the massage table. Enjoy!


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