Raking In The Dough

Two more ripped jocks joined next door pass and we think they are going to fit perfectly here. Both hot, young and ready to get their asses hammered in front of the cameras. They shared a few classes this semester and after those long night working on projects they could use some relaxation. It’s pretty clear what they like to do to unwind and this works out great for everyone. The two hot hunks love taking really good care of one another, no selfishness with them, so get ready to see one of the best scene around here at nextdoormale. These two jocks didn’t waste too much time and jumped right in the sack and got down to business and as you can see things got hot really fast between them.

Once we got to see their hot bodies we knew this was going to be a great scene. Like we said earlier, both of them look amazing and seeing them blowing and banging their asses makes it even better. The hot college guys took turns on sucking off one another’s dick and then continued it with a rough session off ass hammering. The hot hunks didn’t hold back and we are sure you guys are going to love their raw fucking marathon, seeing those fine asses getting drilled it’s going to make your day a lot better. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more next door hunks in some steamy gay action. See you next time!


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Next Door Pass – Cuddle Puddle

We’re gonna have the first next door pass foursome today. You are going to see these cute college students in action, blowing and fucking one another. The best thing about these college guys is that they are always horny so they are always in the mood for fucking. But let’s face it they all look so good and that’s always help. This was taken during their spring break and everyone knows that spring break is the craziest time of the year, the wildest parties, and nastiest stuff happen in this time. These four decided to have a little party of their own and blew the rest of their friends and booked a place just for them. All they needed was a bed and once they were all there the actual fun could begun.

Needless to say that they didn’t leave the room for the entire week but they sure had a lot of fun, way more fun that the rest of their friends. The college jocks spend the entire day in the sack, sucking and riding one another’s dick while recording everything for you guys. These guys really didn’t hold back and everyone has their own little thing. One loves blowing dicks, one loves eating ass, one likes smashing asses so they are the perfect match if you want to get it all in the same time. Make sure you check out this entirely, you can thank us later. Enjoy it and don’t forget to return for tomorrow’s update!


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Next Door Pass – Senator Cumslut

Things get a lot dirtier in this one as the next door pass scene involves a really kinky senator and his assistant. After seeing the preview below you can understand what went down between these two and there is so much more that you are going to see than an ass fuck. The nasty senator always gets his hands on the hottest hunks and he loves testing their limits. Most of the guys turn him down but once he finds one that’s interested in trying out new things he shows the youngster a really good time. The best part is fucking in between meetings and having someone in the office that wouldn’t turn down a fuck. Well, he got what he wanted when he finished interviewing guys for the job. He found this guy that was perfect for him and he was sure that he would convince him to do whatever he needs.

The senator got a really cute one this time and this dude doesn’t have any problems with having an office affair even if it’s with his boss. He’s just what he needed to make things more interesting in the office. This was taken a few days ago after one of their meetings and as you can see the assistant doesn’t play around. Below you can see him raw fucking his boss’ big ass in the middle of the conference room and he loves every second of it. This was all for today but make sure you return for more nextdoorpass updates tomorrow and until then take a look at some of our older scenes!


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Homemade Glory Hole

Next door pass is back with today’s update. This time this jock is going to try out something new, he’s never sucked a dick through the glory hole and this seems to be his lucky day. He didn’t like going out to weird bars so he had to improvise his very own glory hole in his house. It was actually way easier that you might think. It wasn’t actually a hole in a wall, they used a sheet, but it still did the trick. This was the perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom with his boyfriend so this was a win-win situation, either way, you look at it. We told you all that these nextdoorpass hunks don’t mess around!


The homemade glory hole was finished and ready for some action. Although he knew who was on the other side it still made it a lot more excited to only head the other one. The curious guy spends quite some time on his knees sucking off his boyfriend’s dick and didn’t mind taking a huge load on his face afterward, to end things the best way possible. The glory hole actually worked out for them, but that sheet came off quickly once they started nailing their asses, well you can’t have it all. Maybe next time they’ll actually try a real glory hole and test it out with different people, who knows? This is all for today hope you guys liked it. See you tomorrow with a new one!

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Next Door Pass – Real Cardio

The real workout is the bedroom and these guys know it better than anyone. Yes, next door pass is back with more gay porn scenes for you guys! You must see these two in the sack fucking and filling their asses. When you have such a hot personal trainer why bother and go to the gym when you can do it all from your bedroom. These two started working together a while ago and for the last few weeks, they’ve been trying this new method. It was pretty clear from the beginning that both of them are into dudes so it was a matter of time until these two kicked it off the proper way. And by proper way, we mean outside the gym where they can take care of business without anyone bothering them.

The gym wasn’t the best place to get intimate so they started doing their workouts from home and their cardio workouts were never the same. The nextdoorpass jocks spend the first part of their encounter in the actual gym and afterward moved things to the bedroom to complete their day, there’s where the real cardio is done. From handjobs, blowjobs to eating one another’s ass out to banging their toned asses. All of it is in the scene below and it wouldn’t be a complete scene without seeing them cum all over one another. Hope you guys enjoyed their workout as much as we did. You can find the entire scene below and don’t forget to return for more steamy real gay updates!


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Couple Of Show-Offs

Next Door Pass has some of the hottest hunks you can ever find in the business and these guys sure love showing off their skills in the sack. The horny hunks from the preview below are the best proof of that, just look at them hammering their asses. When you have two alpha males living under the same roof you can expect to see this on a daily basis. One has to be better than the other, but from what we saw he just can’t pick one, maybe you guys help us out. Luckily for us they aren’t shy at all so they didn’t mind sending us some of their latest sex tapes. Everything took place a few days ago and instead of going out they spend the entire weekend in the sack, show casting their skills. We’ve seen them both but we’re going to let you guys pick the best one out of these two.

The nextdoorpass hunks didn’t hold back from anything so you must see them trying their best to please one another. Of course that involves, sucking dick, eating their fine asses and smashing them afterwards. Yes they truly are show offs, there’s no doubt about it. This is the nastiest couple we’ve seen in a while and there’s a reason why they are here so you better check them out in action in the free scene below. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more next door hunks in action in the kinkiest scenes you could imagine! See you next time!


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Next Door Pass – Nervousness

For this next door pass update we have a premiere. This is the first time we got an escort here and he was worth all his money. The black hunk gets paid to attend events with guys but for some extra money he wouldn’t turns down an ass smashing after the event. This is the first time our guy tried an escort service and when he saw the guy that he was going to spend the night with he couldn’t wait for the party to be over. He ended up spending the night with a black jock, a solid guy, with a great physic and just by that he knew that he was going to have a great night. The party went well and during it he asked the guy how much it will be to take him back to the hotel.


Once the numbers were set all he had to do is to wait for the party to end to get his hands on him. He wasn’t wrong about him, the jock looked amazing, that hot body looked even better without any clothes on it. The black stallion did everything he was paid to do. After blowing his client’s dick and getting drenched in cum he got to stuff his ass also. Why not mix business and pleasure, for the right amount you can have it all in the same night. These escort services don’t play around when they pick out their guys. If you want to see the black hunk in action check them out in the gallery below!

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Caught On Camera

Next door pass has two more jocks in action in this latest update. These two guys found something way more interesting to do during work and that pretty much involved some intense ass fucking in the storage room. They knew when to go there to be completely alone but they forgot about the cameras that are all around the storage room. Let’s say that their boss had a lot of fun watching those recordings. The two cute guys went there every single day during their lunch break and apparently not being able to keep it in their pants cost them their jobs. Their boss wasn’t the happiest to see two of his employees banging their asses. These two sure know how to put a show on camera, that’s for sure.

The two horny and cute guys were all over each other and once that storeroom door closed nobody could stop them. They didn’t have too much time on their hands but that didn’t stop them sucking off their dicks and then taking turns on riding them as well. Maybe being caught on camera wasn’t the worst time that could’ve happen to them. Below you can check out the entire scene and we can assure you that you are going to absolutely love it. You know that these nextdoorpass hunk don’t play around and each time they get together something amazing comes out of it! Until next time make sure you check out some of the older updates as well!


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Next Door Pass – Morning Routine

The next door pass hunks are back with another great scene and you gotta see this horny black hunk stuffing this guy’s ass in the shower this morning. When you think things can’t get hotter, here there are with another great one. It’s been a while since the last time we’ve had an interracial sex scene around here and this one is going to make up for all the lost time. The ripped black jock wanted to surprise his boyfriend, so he returned home a day earlier from his trip. He caught him right before he went to work and in the best setting possible. His hot boyfriend was in the shower hurrying to get in time to work. Well, the horny black jock wasn’t going to let him get away so easily so he decided to join him in the shower and make up for the lost time.

No one could ever mind such a surprise and his cute boyfriend was the happiest of them all. We understood his joy because we couldn’t wait to see his great body, those rock hard abs and that big dick shoved deeper an deeper up his fine little white ass. You gotta love the view and their nextdoorpass morning routine. What better way to start your morning then by getting your ass drilled? They agree with us and we’re sure you guys do too, but in case you have doubts make sure you check out the entire gay sex scene below!


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Busting The Innocent

Next door pass brought us another amazing update. This time the hot college trouble maker ended up getting banged by this horny police officer. Well the guy wasn’t that guilty it was all about timing, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The cute guy was at a friend’s house and before you know it from five people they ended up with a house full of people and that started it all. The neighbors called the police to come and shut them down. Everyone ran when they heard the police cars, expect this poor guy that was upstairs and didn’t hear them coming.

Of course, he was the one getting all the heat and the officer taught him a lesson he won’t forget too soon. He makes his pick, either a big fine or an ass fuck. He couldn’t afford the fine so he was going to test the horny officer out instead. They had the house all to themselves, so the kinky officer took his time with it and from what we saw he had a blast hammering his fine ass. Everyone there knows how much the officer loves pounding fresh meat, so during the summer when all the college guys return home he has a lot of work to do. The innocent guy surely won’t forget this party too soon. Check it out entirely below and don’t forget to return for more nextdoorpass updates tomorrow, we have so many more great scenes!


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