Straight Watchers

Next door pass brought us a straight guy this time. But don’t feel sorry for him because he knew in what he was getting into and it seems like he really enjoys getting his virgin ass pounded. The poor guy ended up in the wrong house at the worst time. The guy was there to talk with one of the guys about a house he had for rent. Well he caught the guy in the worst situation. He definitely bothered him, but he wasn’t expecting to see another guy coming down the stairs. The guy went over to try and get the place a bit cheaper than it was listed in the ad. The straight guy didn’t had any idea in what he was getting into. The owner invited him in talk about it and offered him a pretty good deal, well it was a good deal for a gay guy, for a straight one not to much.

The owner was willing to cut off the price if he got in a threesome with them. Like we said good deal for gay not so good for straight. When the guys heard that he’s not intro dudes he made the deal even more tempting and offered him three months of rent free. Well, he couldn’t turn that down so here you have it, the cute straight in the middle doing his best at blowing and taking dicks up his tight virgin ass in the same time. It was a really nice one and you guys must check it out!


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