Taking Every Inch

Next door pass has returned with more gay scenes! No one ever thought that this guy had what it takes to get the deal done and for a straight guy, he doesn’t seem to mind that much having a fat dick up his ass. And he took every inch of it. This guy learned the hard way that if you want to be a bad boy you have to take everything that comes with it. Having such a big mouth, it was a matter of time until he pissed someone off and got it shut. The cute guy upset one of the older guys from his hood and he decided to teach him a lesson. Everybody knew how he took care of the guys that upset him, but this the first time that he’s had a straight guy.

That big mouth of his didn’t help him in there except for screaming and that only made it worst for him. This should teach him a lesson that he won’t forget too soon and he should be happy that there’s only one guy fucking him and not all the guys he talked trash too. Below you can see him taking his first dick up his tight little ass. Butt naked, legs spread and getting fucked by another dude, this surely isn’t how he imagined his day going. You can check it out entirely in the nextdoorpass gallery below. Enjoy it and see you next time with more!


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