The Wait Is Over

Hey guys and welcome back for another update! The wait is finally over at least for these two next door pass hunks. The black jocks were all over each other and now they finally got to hammer their asses. These two met at the gym a few weeks ago and they kept going back and forth without anything actually happening for them. There were way to many guys at the gym and no one really wanted to see two guys fucking in the locker room. Both horny, but shy, they waited a bit longer that they should’ve. No one actually expected them to be this shy so it was a big surprise for all of us, but luckily now they got their plan in motion.

This week after gym they decided to go out for a drink or two and that really turned things on for them. They finally had the gut to do something and soon after the beers kicked in the guys went straight home. They didn’t even make it to the bedroom, instead they stopped in the hallway, butt naked, and started nailing their fine asses. The wait is over and it was a damn long one too! But in this one they made up for all the lost time and you can see that for yourself in the gallery below. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more steamy guy on guy sex scenes!


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